Balanced and progressive restart?

04-05-20 Progressive and secured restart of Groupe PSA manufacturing sites

  • Reinforced health measures, shared with the social partners, and deployed before any restart of activity with voluntary employees.

  • An audit campaign to guarantee their perfect implementation in 100% of the Group’s industrial, commercial, tertiary and R&D sites.

  • A gradual and secured resumption of manufacturing activity, driven by commercial activity.

“Protecting our employees and protecting our company remain the two intangible principles for the conduct of our operations. Our enhanced measures protocol offers a high level of protection to our employees and is the first criterion for restarting our production sites. As industrial activity is driven by commercial activity, which is our second criterion, we are gradually and securely relaunching our industrial apparatus to manufacture the cars expected by our customers. These two criteria will guide our decisions for the coming weeks and months.” Yann Vincent, Executive Vice President manufacturing of Groupe PSA. (...)


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Source: PSA


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