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23-08-21 Car components evolution through times

First came single cells, then dinossaurs and after cars. :)


Since ever, evolution has been a main key of our existence, the way we experience things and of course our perception changes;

Materials and components in cars have been changing also through the years, in one hand by terms of embelishment, by another to accomplish weight/ performance/ environment requirements;

For instance Fisker with its Ocean model, claims to have the more sustainable car ever;

"We aim to produce a climate neutral vehicle by 2027, measuring 5 distinct phases of the product life cycle: Upstream Sourcing, Manufacturing, Logistics, Use Phase, and End-of-Life (EOL)/Recycling.

Fisker will not purchase offsets, and our goal is to utilize only climate neutral materials in our products and to use only climate neutral services to support our business."


Nevertheless, seeing Lamborghini evolution, one can notice the market demands diference between the late 70's and nowadays: taking the 440hp combustion engine  COUNTACH dashboard example (which was btw advanced for the time) we can see a foam stuffed leather wrapped dashboard, with some plastics (switches and buttons) with analog displays.

The latest Countach is a revolution in the sense of the leap from its predecessor: Digital displays, carbon, advanced light weight plastics and hybrid motor 800cv (total), which btw has already sold out its 212 units (2 M € each)


Countach evolution 80-21


Even a supercar such as the Lambo, doesn't exempt their customers from having the latest tech in what comes to UI paradigma, connectivity/ entertainment and even safety;

So, while Digital UI are getting bigger, some of the switches are leaving the car cockpit, meaning less weight and plastic for the purpose, this will be a trend for next years (e.g. Mercedes EQS) for any car, and component sector should act on this;



Marcello Gandini, the designer of the Countach, explained the origin of the name:

When we made cars for the car shows, we worked at night and we were all tired, so we would joke around to keep our morale up. There was a profiler working with us who made the locks. He was two meters tall with two enormous hands, and he performed all the little jobs. He spoke almost only Turin's slang, didn’t even speak Italian. Piedmontese is much different from Italian and has singular sounds. One of his most frequent exclamations was ‘countach’, which historically means plague, contagion, but it's now used to express amazement and admiration, like ‘wow’, 'fantastic'. He had this habit.

When we were working at night, to keep our morale up, there was a jousting spirit, so I said we could call it Countach, just as a joke, to say an exaggerated quip, without any conviction. There nearby was Bob Wallace, who assembled the mechanics—we always made the cars operational. At that time you could even roll into the car shows with the car running, which was marvelous.

So jokingly I asked Bob Wallace how it sounded to an Anglo-Saxon ear. He said it in his own way, strangely. It worked. We immediately came up with the writing and stuck it on. But maybe the real suggestion was the idea of one of my co-workers, a young man who said let’s call it that. That is how the name was coined. This is the only true story behind this word.

( i also have seen some references that a COUNTACH name has been given due to a security staff person, when turned on the light on, and saw the car for the first time, expressed his admiration in its Piedmont Italian COUNTAC)


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