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20-08-2021 Tesla moves towards humanoid

I knew all along that after what Boston Dynamics achieved ( parkour and dancing robots :) ), it wouldn't take long for Elon Musk show at the party, or having its own.


Yesterday night he anounced that at 2022 they would have a working bot such as the one that has been pitched at his presentation;

Of course it is a natural move, as he stated, since its cars already embodied the necessary tech, i.e. are robots on wheels;

The main objective here its to easy our boring repetitive tasks hence replace us to do the jobs that somehow society doesn't want;

"Bot get me that wrench" or "Bot go to the Grocery store" can be some of the tasks on the everyday living for this humanoid. (not mention for instance self repairing?)

But Elon goes further as he mentions the role and impact of this humanoid for the economy future and society e.g. as working could be an option.



As tech take over on reducing energy, waste and increases speed of work towards efficency, the amount of available jobs will reduce significantly next years, so societies

will have to figure to secure people and to finance the all system;

This is not a matter of what is wrong or right even if it has an ideologic base, but how can we manage to follow and properly answer the trend;

António Damásio , ( portuguese Neurologist and Cientist ) as for my understanding, says, that we organize naturally somehow within our embeded code through a complex contexted homeostasis

processes that allowed us to permantly evolve also by our capacity to create representations of what we foresee. ( of course its more complex that this)


As in ROBOCOP 2 ( never thought to quote this :) ) "Patience Lewis, we're only human..."


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