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14-10-20 Key figures of the European plastics industry

he European plastics industry includes plastics raw materials producers, plastics converters, plastics recyclers and plastics machinery manufacturers in the EU28 Member States.


WORLD and EU PLASTICS PRODUCTION In 2018, global plastics production almost reached 360 million tonnes. In Europe, plastics production almost reached 62 million tonne. ASIA 51% (30% CHINA, 4% JAPAN, rest of asia 17%),  NAFTA 18%, EUROPE 17%, MIDDLE EAST 7%, LATIN AMERICA 4%, CIS (comonwealth of independent states) 3%.

RECYCLING: In 2018, 9.4 million tonnes of plastic post-consumer waste were collected in Europe to be recycled (inside and outside the EU)- wich can mean some 15% of recycling rate for EU.

JOBS: The European plastics industry had a turnover of more than 360 billion euros in 2018.

TURNOVER: The plastics industry gives direct employment to more than 1.6 million people in Europe.

TRADE BALANCE: The European plastics industry had a positive trade balance of more than 15 billion euros in 2018* Data including only plastics raw materials producers and plastics converter.

MULTIPLIER EFFECT: The European plastics industry has a multiplier effect of 2.4 in GDP and almost 3 in jobs** The European House Ambrosetti study, data for Italy, 2013.

INDUSTRIAL VALUE ADDED: The European plastics industry ranks 7thin Europe in industrial value added contribution. At the same level as the pharmaceutical industry* and very close to the chemical industry* Measured by gross value added at factor prices, 2013.

PUBLIC FINANCES: The European plastics industry contributed to 28.8 billion euros to public finances and welfare in 2018.


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