Level 5: When do mirrors end?

26-10-20 When E mirrors become some of the next standards

The new E-Mirror series from Faurecia replaces conventional exterior mirrors with an intelligent sensor that offers the driver dynamic vision and safety warnings. At the same time, it optimizes fuel consumption. A small screen at eye level enables a better view of the surroundings in the driver's cab and improves real-time perception - especially in difficult weather or light conditions. The E-Mirror is connected to software that warns the driver of blind spots and of leaving the lane. It also detects nearby vehicles and recognizes obstacles. Since it can reduce air resistance and thus fuel consumption and CO2 emissions compared to conventional exterior mirrors, it contributes to sustainable mobility.

Faurecia GmbH - German Innovation Award 20 winner


By the way:  The first patent for the car mirror was awarded to Elmer Berger in 1921—so he is commonly considered its inventor . (He used to call it as a “cop spotter.”) During that time, when most of America’s so-called highways were just two lanes, the need for mirrors was minimal.

So, next year this invention have now 99 years, pretty grown, huh?


Maybe in some time people will have to rethink where to hang their.... amulets... etc ; )



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Source GIA


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