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16-05-20 Weight part injection matters

In injection moulding, the component weight reflects the process consistency and the component quality. Components are therefore often weighed manually after production or automatically placed on a scale and picked up again. An injection machine builder has now developed a high-precision load cell for inline weight measurement that can be integrated directly between the rotary axes and the end-of-arm tooling of a linear robot. This allows the component weight to be recorded without loss of time during on-going production, and without having to deposit the components for weighing.

The weight of a moulded part is a meaningful parameter both for repeatable manufacturing and for economic testing of components. Based on the weight, the plastics processor can quickly determine whether, for example, sprues have been cut cleanly or whether under- or over injection has occurred. Also sink marks due to missing holding pressure, which lead to a lower component weight, can be detected quickly. Insert applications are another use case. Missing inserts are detected by checking the weight immediately after the injection moulding process. With the aid of weighing, NOK parts can be automatically separated from good parts. Inline weighing is therefore a 100% parts check.


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