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19-10-20 Portuguese packaging recycling overview

Portuguese Recycling Objectives and targets:

Portugal maintains its commitment to achieve the packaging waste recovery and recycling targets which consist of meeting, by the end of 2011, a minimum recovery of 60% (in weight), of which at least 55% must correspond to recycling, with minimum sectoral recycling targets of:

o    60% for paper/cardboard packaging waste;

o    60% for glass packaging waste;

o    50% for metal packaging waste;

o    22.5% for plastic packaging waste;

o    15% for wood packaging waste.

·         European Parliament 30 May 2018 lays down a common objective for Member States to prepare to reuse and recycle 65% of packaging waste, until 2025, with the following goals differentiated by materials:

o    75% paper/cardboard;

o    70% glass;

o    70% ferrous metals (steel);

o    50% aluminium;

o    50% plastic;

o    25% wood.

· By 31 December 2030, at least 70% by weight of all packaging waste should be recycled with the following material targets:

o    85% paper/cardboard;

o    75% glass;

o    80% ferrous metals (steel);

o    60% aluminium;

o    55% plastic;

o    30% wood.

Until the implementation of the new targets established in Diretive 2018/852, those to be complied with are the ones set to be reached by 2011.


The recycling rate of plastic packaging waste shows, in turn, a rising trend since 2004, except in the last two years when it showed a slight decline, standing at 35% in 2017. 


Recycling rate of plastic packaging waste and target set for 2011



As an end note definitly someone who cycles a lot should be also called a "recycler":  congrats to João Almeida for his effort so far at Giro (we are sure he really recycles in Portugal!)



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