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31-10-22 Digitalization trends

All big tech references (or at least should) have a path to get to the a shops heart, towards the future, which can ultimately translate in efficiency, reducing costs e.g.

Nevertheless technology by itself doesn't solve the equation, and each reality should have a much broader analysis, that's where the emphatic assessments containing real data, context, resources, etc is a big support for action.

As an example , here's what Siemens showed at IMTS 2022.

Siemens Digital Industries presented  its hardware automation and software technology portfolio, highlighted by the digital-native CNC platform, Sinumerik One, for machine tool applications. In addition, Siemens presents its solutions and services for the industrialization of additive manufacturing (AM). the company highlights how machine users can quickly and easily embark on their digitalization journeys — from part concept to design, digital twin to simulation, part and machine production, as well as total integration of these processes into the digital enterprise.

In the Controls and CAD-CAM, Siemens demonstrates the digital twin capabilities of the Sinumerik One system, as well as the company’s NX CAM design software, which enables the use of 3D models, data and processes to seamlessly connect planning and shopfloor operations on a digital thread. It is designed to enable multiple kinds of advanced machining, including EDM and high-speed machining, both key technologies for moldmakers who need to quickly machine surfaces to a near-mirror finish. It also automatically provides radii in addition to toolpath approaches and exits, lending itself to fast, smooth cutter paths.

In the Additive subject, Siemens demonstrates its CNC implementation into the additive and additive/subtractive production worlds, displaying part production processes from design to the finished part.  There are manufacturing challenges to determine the optimum method of part design and manufacturing, whether one-off or full production runs, all performed with digitalization methods for validation and time/cost containment. 

Siemens include machine tool digitalization solutions that shorten the machine builder’s time-to-market, through digital twin technology, as well as a new CNC platform —  Create MyVirtual Machine for machine tool builders, and Run MyVirtual Machine for machine users — which is provided with software to create the universal concept of the digital twin, powerful hardware and integrated IT security.


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