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02-11-2021 Mould data transfer efficiency

In the age of IoT, cabless networking and data exchange, AI etc,  more and more tech devices introduce their compact and versatile solutions towards efficency and sustainability;

e.g. Mold-Masters showed its new hot runner controller platform which incorporates innovations such as TC-Connect technology to eliminates the need for traditional T/C control cables altogether. Eliminating these traditional cables, which make up 50% of all mold cables, saves significant cost, weight and clutter from the molding cell, the company notes. Another feature, APS-AI, incorporates artificial intelligence into the system, ensuring precise temperature control and enabling the system to reach set-point faster during startup.

The company’s TC-Connect technology utilizes a new eBOX design that attaches to the mold. A single, thin and lightweight data communication cable (similar in size to Ethernet) connects from the back of the M3 controller to the eBOX. Wiring the hot runner system remains unchanged. This technology is compatible with new and older(retrofit) hot runner systems.

Overall, the TempMaster M3 is said to feature a 53% smaller footprint than competitive systems and up to 57% more compact overall dimensions.


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Source: MMT



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