Season's Greetings

20-12-22 Time for reflection

Plastics are still the future regarding our consumption volume, but as always season's festivities should be a good opportunity to reflect in a balanced fashion,

and to transmit why they're still the best material solution watching the whole existing options and their trade off's.

Off course its not an "one size fits all" solution, but case to case it should be considered if there are more effective sustainable solutions to develop our products.

For example even if we consider bio plastics usage, besides its costs, we should consider if farming certain type of fibres in a massive way wouldn't be more environmental unsustainable

(because, not only but also, of chemicals deposited in land) rather than a tradicional plastic.


So its important to reflect also during this season to enhance balanced fashioned solutions that we all could profit from.


Happy festivities to all.

Merry Christmas and an Happy New Year!





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