Tera effect named Tesla

04-04-22 Automotive industry trends

Tesla’s decision to create a factory in Europe, specifically in Berlin, was an important decision for the brand and all stakeholders.

The opening honors, with first cars Model 3, delivery, were made by Elon Musk and the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

In addition to marking an important position in the old continent, it created direct access to their cars closest to customers.

Its an important landmark for Elon Musks trillion dollar company, and a new reference for European automotive OEMs, which makes competition for EVs more attractive, besides helping multiple sub sectors, such as moulds and plastics.

To have the fortune to capture and call for such huge investments, its also a matter of preparation, that a Country, a region, should be aware of.


A video where a drone travels through this space and shows us manufacturing and assembly processes and products such as Tesla 3 Model. across new Tesla Gigafactory.





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Source: Tesla


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