09-12-19 Plastics future

Executives of leading global plastics manufacturers discussed plans to advance technologies, investments and solutions together with stakeholders across the value chain to stop plastic waste ending up in the environment.

Significant progress was reported in advancing solutions and engaging stakeholders and policy makers. Members confirmed plans for engaging in critical discussions regarding the future of plastics at the United Nations Environment Assembly, Basel Convention, G7/G20 and elsewhere. During 2019, WPC continued to expand its global footprint and welcomed two new member companies: Kolon/Korea and Tasnee/Saudi Arabia.

Li Shousheng, Chairman of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, said: “We are working to build a new circular economy for plastics, to capture them for value and to keep them out of the environment.”

“The global plastics industry is rapidly coming together to develop solutions jointly together with other stakeholders.”, stated Jim Seward, Senior Vice President, Research & Development, Technology & Sustainability at LyondellBasell.

Future investment in global waste management infrastructure will be key to addressing current waste challenges. While we share a bias for action, it is important that the parties to the Basel Convention not inadvertently act to inhibit or discourage investment in countries that may be actively looking to build their plastic waste management infrastructure and capacity, and/or ability to accept waste from other nations (e.g. for potential use as a chemical recycling feedstock).


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