The CT8 (*)

26-08-19 Portuguese Carlos Tavares at the automotive world top.

Carlos Tavares has driven European automotive efficiency to another level, and according to its values, the same are reflected in company’s group vision which is willingly followed for their motivated staff. Some compare him to Marchione management style, which led FCA to a profitable company. Where some may find luck and timing, hard work and efficiency (obsession) are the key. Numbers speak for themselves Recurring Operating Income rose 11% to 3 .34 billion euros, with a lift of the operating margin of 8.7 % in the first half. By the way they are doing more sales in used cars than in new ones, expecting to sell 1 000 000 by 2021.


(*) Mr Carlos Tavares - "CT" - used the number 8 on some of the participations at Monte Carlo Historique


Source: ANEurope


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