06-06-23 BIO PLASTIC 101

Every industry sector should consider the environmental impact of their processed products.

To our moulding sector plastic injection moulding is getting many developments.

One way to address this concern is by using biodegradable plastics, which are engineered to degrade quicker than traditional petroleum-based plastics.

Biodegradable plastics are typically decomposed by the action of living organisms like bacteria and fungi, which can eat the plastic and convert it back into a natural material.

This makes them an excellent choice for sustainable injection moulding. The most common types of biodegradable plastic resins used in plastic injection moulding include thermoplastic starch-based plastics (TPS)
. In addition to biodegradable plastics, there are other ways to make plastic injection moulding more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Manufacturers can implement green practices into their operations, such as using recyclable, renewable, and reclaimable plastic materials.
. It is important to note that plastic injection moulding is the most widely used components manufacturing process for a variety of reasons, including flexibility, reliability, and high-quality performance.
. However, it is crucial to control the parameters of the process to ensure the overall quality of the plastic components produced. As the industry continues to evolve, it is likely that plastic injection moulding will become even more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Companies are already focusing on developing injection moulded plastics using bio-based counterparts to overcome environmental concerns from traditional petroleum-based plastics.

Its not a "one size fits all" solution; it will not be a cost effective solution for a long time, but with proper R&D we'll minimize the impacts and collect the benefits of it in the long term.

( consumption levels have always been the "elephant in the room" - real problem, and still, there's a lot to do in that field... mainly education).


Nevertheless it is important to balance all factors that determine our well being as society, hence, to take and reach sustainable and social responsible targets that answers today's needs and challenges.


Source: Barreiros


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